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Tara Advisors Co. provides investors with a comprehensive suite of analytical portfolio management tools.

Tara's development platform and its TPSTM family of products simplify the process of creating and monitoring an optimal portfolio. By automating the calculation process and using real-time data, TPSTM ensures that the customized portfolios that investors create have the highest probability of meeting individual investment objectives

The TPSTM family of products have the following common characteristics:

  • Ability to optimize an investor's current holdings of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and cash management accounts.

  • Ability to formulate custom-tailored mutual funds based on individual investment styles.

  • Ability to provide idealized asset allocations by investment style and risk preferences by using stocks, bonds, and cash or cash equivalents.

  • Ability to formulate custom-tailored replicate portfolios, which mimic the stylized ideal market portfolio.

  • Ability to create various umbrella funds by selecting and combining publicly traded mutual funds, which mimic the stylized ideal market portfolio.

  • Ability to provide various idealized sector funds and sector indexes.

TPSTM products are designed to continuously monitor and automatically recommend the necessary trades to maintain investment portfolios most capable of achieving the highest return with the lowest overall risk.

The TPSTM family consists of three product offerings:

TPS InvestorTM is designed to help the general investor. This solution is available directly through the Tara Advisors Co. website and it is also provided as a co-branding opportunity to online partners through an ASP delivery method.

TPS AdvisorTM is designed for independent broker-leaders and independent fund managers. It helps them manage their clients' portfolios and it is designed for integration with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) packages.

TPS InstitutionalTM is designed for large financial institutions such as banks, insurers, institutional fund managers, and institutional broker-dealers. The delivery method for this solution is based on an "embedded" enterprise system. In addition to asset allocation optimizers, TPS InstitutionalTM offers a variety of options including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, personal financial planning, risk analysis, and Wrap solution capabilities.

Tara Advisors Co. is ready to put its investment management expertise to work for you.



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