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We have created this area to show you the power of TaraFolioTM, Modern Portfolio Theory, and investing intelligently.

Try our Investment ClinicTM and test the appropriateness of your equity portfolio. The Investment ClinicTM tells you if you own the right stocks and whether your portfolio is well-balanced.

The Risk ProfilerTM utilizes the Expected Utility Hypothesis to predict your tolerance for risk when investing. After answering a few simple questions, the Risk ProfilerTM will tell you how your tolerance for risk compares to that of other investors.

The Financial Planner helps you see if you can achieve your investment objectives, given your present and future investments. Your investment objectives can be for a single purpose or multiple purposes over your life cycle. By using the Newton Raphson iterative algorithm, the Financial Planner computes the rate of return necessary to achieve your investment objectives.

Test your portfolio. See if your real portfolio is as well-balanced and as intelligent as it should be…
How much risk can you handle when it comes to your money? Find out...
Planning a major purchase? Saving for your children's education? Thinking of retirement? Let us help you reach your financial goals with minimum risk…
Why use TaraFolio Investor?
  • It works! TaraFolio Investor is already being used by major financial institutions and individual investors like you!

  • It's easy! A graphical, intuitive user-interface makes it easy to get the information you need, quickly and without problems

  • It's applied science! Nobel Prize-winning MPT* underlies our powerful portfolio optimizer

  • Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back! Use the full version of TaraFolio Investor free of charge for 7 days!
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