Welcome to the home of Tara Advisors LLC. We are an investment research firm; and develop various research management tools and solutions. We have been in business for the last 30 years. We put together a team of talents in academia and in the industry in the field of mathematical finance and information technology. We are in the financial engineering business.
Previously, we used to develop and install investment and portfolio tools and solutions for brokerages, but today, we decided to use the major algorithms that we have developed previously that have proven to deliver superior returns in order to manage our clients’ funds.
Thus, it has been a long and slow process in which we actually started to claim ourselves as a portfolio manager for brokerages, investment firms, insurances, retirement funds, and other nonfinancial institutions and high net worth individuals. We are particularly proud of our fund management performance records.
Over the years, we have built two major investment infrastructure, one of which is for long term investment management, which we call “Tara Portfolio Solutions ( TPS )”, and the other one of which is for the high frequency algorithmic trading known as “Tara Intraday Trading Optimizers ( TITO ).” The initial version of TPS was U.S. patented, and we have become one of the first U.S. patent recipients in implementing Modern Portfolio Theory for real world portfolio management. Since then, we have continued to work diligently and have made significant improvements in our original solutions.
Developing investment management and trading solutions is not easy and has never been easy, especially when you really want to use the algorithms to manage the fund of your clients that rely on your professionalisms and expertise. We have gone through thousands and thousands of man hours and invested millions to develop and refine these models.
TPS is a portfolio management analytics based on Modern Portfolio Theory in principle, but the model is based on forward looking volatility and covariance parameters. We no longer rely on past historical data in constructing portfolios; but rather extract all pertinent return probability parameters from various real time market data. It optimizes custom-tailored separately managed funds, hedge funds (with or without constraints), and funds of funds.
TITO is a trading analytics based on Theory of Games and Fractal Mathematics. It is a basket trading algorithmic trading model, which is applied either to institutional algo trading or to intraday high frequency arbitrage trading.
The Company is a privately held firm and all algorithms have been developed by a team of researchers headed by Thomas Rhee, Ph.D., a lifelong academic and a practitioner in investment management and trading. Tara Advisors LLC works in strict confidentiality for clients and protects the clients’ information.